Effektive Mikroorganismen -  Warum du auf sie setzen solltest!

Effective Microorganisms - Why you should rely on them!

What are effective microorganisms?

Effective microorganisms (EM) are a mixed culture of various useful bacteria, which also occur individually in nature and are beneficial for people and nature due to their diverse abilities. Almost comparable to a microscopic team that naturally supports us and the environment with certain tasks.

What are effective microorganisms good for?

Because effective microorganisms are composed of different strains of bacteria, they have diverse skillsets. Some improve soil quality by releasing nutrients and repelling disease. Others fight bad odors and dirt by breaking down harmful gases and compounds. While they have long been popular with farmers, gardeners, refuse collectors and pet owners, more and more people are realizing their incredible potential for their own homes as well. Especially thanks to their ability to break down dirt microscopically deep without harsh chemicals.


What advantages does the use of effective microorganisms offer?

The main advantage of effective microorganisms (or bacteria) is that they already exist in nature. Their further processing lies exclusively in the fermentation in order to obtain the concentration required for good effectiveness. This means that the microorganisms are completely biodegradable and harmless to our environment. Short and long term.

For us, in general, every new synthetic substance that we bring into our homes is potentially harmful and allergenic. And every substitute we find for chemical products is another step towards avoiding that.

Our conclusion

Effective microorganisms are not all-rounders, but - used correctly - can help to live a more natural, healthier life.

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