Das Mikrobiom - wie es unser Leben verändert

The microbiome - how it changes our lives

How does the invisible ecosystem affect us? And what positive influence can even small changes have on our microbiome?

It can improve your mood

Everyone knows the gut feeling. But only a few people know what a strong influence the microbiome can have on our mood: 90% of the receptors for our happiness hormone serotonin are located in the intestine. Proper nutrition and a healthy environment can boost your mood!

It can keep you young

The older we get, the more our microbiome loses diversity. Gradually, we are missing more and more metabolic products that protect us from aging. Chronic foci of inflammation can form, which accelerate the aging process. On the other hand, people who grow particularly old often have a highly diverse microbiome. For example, to protect your microbiome from aging, you can make sure you're getting enough fiber and bifidobacteria, which can be found in things like green tea, red wine, or dark chocolate.

It can make you slim

Studies show that obese children and adults have a different microbiome than lean people. Even if the exact processes are not yet fully understood, we know that a balanced microbiome can have a significant impact on our metabolism. Certain gut bacteria, found primarily in overweight people, were able to extract an above-average amount of energy from food. On the other hand, transferring a 'lean' microbiome into an 'obese' microbiome can result in significant fat loss. A diverse, healthy microbiome therefore pays off not only for your health, but also for the number on the scales.

It can protect you from diseases

The number of microorganisms in our body is estimated to be up to ten times higher than that of our own cells. No wonder, then, that our microbiome has such a strong influence on our health. Dysbiosis of our intestinal bacteria plays a key role in our immune system and thus in the development of autoimmune and intestinal diseases. It has been shown several times that taking certain probiotics, which bring our intestinal flora back into balance, can reduce the risk of the development and symptoms of diseases. Worth a try right?

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