Cleaning with bacteria?

Probiotics (greek: 'for life') are beneficial microorganisms, also called bacteria, with very different abilities. In nature, they have been breaking down dirt and pollutants long before humans even existed. For our cleaners, those bacteria are collected that already fulfil a specific function in nature (e.g. grease decomposition) in order to then be fermented in vegan broth. This achieves the high concentrations that are needed for strong efficacy. From nature into the bottle!

  • Step 1

    Apply Oh My Biome cleaner on any surface you want to clean.

  • Step 2

    Bacteria begin to produce enzymes that break down dirt down to the pores - for up to 72 hours.

  • Step 3

    Purifying bacteria remain on the surface and prevent the spread of pathogens.

A home in balance

By believing that the absence of all bacteria is best for our health we have created another problem. Studies from recent years have shown that If our immune system is not challenged as a child, it does not learn to react appropriately. This is associated with an increase in autoimmune diseases. It's time to swing the hygiene pendulum back to a natural mean. Reduce germs but promote healthy microbes.

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