Our Mission

Make clean clean again.

With ingredients that we AND our planet tolerate well, we make clean clean again. Inspired by nature, which has been using microorganisms for 3.5 billion years. Along with our love of design and fragrance, we want to transform a life free of pollutants from deprivation to enrichment and inspire as many people as possible. Are you on board?

Our Story

How can we live better?

That is the question Flora asked herself a few years ago when she was facing some health struggles and decided: Living healthier is not an option, it's a must.

To us it only made sense to tackle the question right at the heart: at home. Because most household products contain toxic ingredients, our supposed refuge is more often than not actually quite harmful. For our own health, and that of the planet. 

Together, we pursued the idea of doing it better. More effective, more sustainable, more livable. And after searching for many different solutions, we finally discovered a super ingredient - straight from nature. We instantly knew that we wanted to bring the power of probiotics beyond the gut and into every home. The result of this passion is Oh My Biome. First in London and now in Munich.  

Flora & Sebastian 

Time for Change

Zusammen gegen Resistenz

Bakterien sind nicht unser Feind! Wir sollten uns dafür einsetzen, die 99,9% der Bakterien zu schützen, die wir zum Überleben brauchen, und gegen die 0,1% vorgehen, die eine Bedrohung darstellen. Nur so können wir den Kampf gegen Resistenzen auf der ganzen Welt gewinnen.